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     Quince Tree Seedlings (6 distinct, old varieties)
      and Other 'Rose'-Family Orchard Fruit Trees

     (Taste the "Apple of Paradise" AND get all PHYTONUTRIENTS!)

    ==> Receive powerful antioxidant protection from pure plant PHYTONUTRIENTS, to include valuable BIOFLAVONOIDS;
    ==> Enjoy the health-stimulating effects of orchard tree planting, pruning, cross-pollinating and fruit-picking!

    (Orchard fruit from your own "back yard" is easy to grow PURELY ORGANIC and ready to eat and share -- be it fresh or "gourmet-cooked.")


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     Almond and Walnut Tree Seedlings (9 old/rare v.)
     (Cook and bake with valuable, ENERGY-RICH NUTRIENTS!)

    ==> Support the optimal health and function of all vital body tissues;
    ==> Receive proper bio-energy from unique plant proteins and oils.

    (Directly from your yard or garden, harvest the taste of a recent applied-science "re-discovery":  the rare and valuable PLANT PROTEINS, BIOFLAVONOIDS, ANTIOXIDANTS and OILS contained in ALMONDS and WALNUTS  (...and, if you harvest more than you can eat, just "gift the rest to friends and neighbors"!...).)


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