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 Alder Wood Pellets / Shavings / Sawdust
 (Keep Your Small Livestock's Stall-Bedding ORGANIC!)

==> Support the optimal health and function of the livestock you love and keep;
==> Receive consistently ORGANIC and FASTLY BIO-DEGRADABLE stall-bedding output for your NATURAL, ORGANIC garden and pasture.

(Directly from your livestock's stall floor, obtain a constant supply of used stall-bedding which will NOT "refuse to compost SPEEDILY and ORGANICALLY" in the garden! ...Debarked Alder-tree core shavings are NOT "toxic to animals, rainworms and beneficial bacteria" -- as Cedar, Pine and many other commonly used wood shavings are known to be. And so -- if BOTH types are available, which type do YOU choose to bed your "ORGANIC-production" livestock on?...-- The answer is easy:  START USING OUR ALDER-WOOD particles, so the organic-compost rainworms and beneficial bacteria in your garden finally get some REAL "wood-food" to work with!!!)

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Alder Wood Pellets (Multi-purpose: Stall bedding, pellet stove heating and/or raw BIOINTENSIVE COMPOST, topsoil amendment use)
(The ULTIMATE in Fastly Compostable ALDER WOOD Particles Biomass!)

Online Price: $7.00 per cube - SAVE $3.00 (valid until 31-Dec-2014)


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